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Forest Bathing Testimonials

“David Motzenbecker took our nonprofit executive team on a mindful, restorative forest bathing experience through the Minnesota fog. Our team had its annual in-person board of directors meeting earlier in the day. Guided by David, the executives had a transformative experience as they immersed themselves in the forest and its gifts. I've already recommended David to several of the team leaders in my life! Thank you, David!”

~ Katherine Bloom-O’Connell, Chief of Staff, Alight

"David, thank you so much for the Forest Therapy session yesterday. It was amazing. I actually slept through the night last night-something I haven’t done in a very long time.  The practice of quieting the mind, awakening the senses, and connecting to nature was awe-inspiring. I felt like I was home."

~ Kathleen

David provided our team with a unique space and opportunity to convene, reflect, share, and create personal and professional goals for the coming year.  Given that our work is global, we were interested in trying out the Japanese tradition of 'Shinrin Yoku'.  This shared experience and its subsequent effects were more than we anticipated and have helped us build trust and resilience with each other in the midst of uncertainty and unrest.  It also opened our eyes to the important connections between nature and our wellness and work."

~ Anne M. D’Angelo, Ph.D, Assistant Dean of Global Initiatives,

Carlson Global Institute | Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

“Our team was fortunate to spend three hours with David shortly after the New Year.  This guided activity was powerful for all who attended, regardless of past experience with meditation, and was an excellent way to start the year.  My colleagues continue to share how positive the experience was, and would encourage others to consider this opportunity, whether for your professional or personal development."

~ J.B. Scherpelz, Program Director of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement/Global Business Practicum,

Carlson Global Institute | Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

"It was my great pleasure, and I'm so grateful for the invitation to join your walk.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Though to be fair, I had no idea what to expect.  I purposely didn't do any research because I wanted to arrive as open as possible.  It felt wonderful to be a student, to feel safe and open.  No judgement.  No agenda.  My mind was kicked open several times.  I don't know that I would have made the observations that I did had you not invited me to do so.  I would be honored to join you again."

~ J.D.

“I had the opportunity to participate in David's first guided forest walk for the college.  I found it to be so transformational, I was inspired to organize another!  To date, Minneapolis College has sought David out multiple times to guide groups of students, faculty, and staff on forest walks, and the reception has been incredibly positive every time.  We look forward to collaborating with David again, and highly recommend his guided walks to those seeking an experience of healing and remembering."

~ Jenny Sippel, Faculty Librarian and Student Club Advisor,

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

“ 'Immerse yourself in nature'  'Humanity needs nature'; if you don't understand what these two phrases mean, you will after one of David's forest bathing walks.  David has held walks for both staff and participants at Pathways - A Healing Center, serving those with life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

Our staff felt rejuvenated, and appreciative of the time away from the office that was reflective, and self-care focused.  The responses we received from attendees were nothing short of wonderful, and with David's gentle guidance, allowed everyone to become 'immersed' in nature in their own ways.  To calm and open the senses at the same time, this is a must-do..."

~ Tim Thorpe, CEO, Pathways - A Healing Center

"This walk exceeded my expectation.  It was such a beautiful experience and it felt like a mini-retreat.  I highly recommend doing this for your own well-being."

~ Sara

"David is a knowledgeable, approachable, and relatable guide.  The walk was peaceful and joyful.  And I think we all need that in our lives."

~ Adam

"Amazing one-of-a-kind experience.  David is extremely knowledgeable and walks you through everything.  The tea ceremony was great."

~ Shanna

"I highly recommend spending this time with David and the incredible, beautiful trees; water; animals; and more.  To walk through the woods in this manner feels like a must do in our crazy lives.  All four of us left the experience feeling uplifted, renewed, and awed by the true beauty and connection to every living thing.  Thank you David!  We will be seeing you again."

~ Pamela

"Experience was exceptional and unique.  Forest Therapy is something I want to incorporate into my day to day routine.  We all would be better people to ourselves, our loved ones, and the environment.  Thank you David for such an excellent introduction!  We are still talking about our experience."

~ Liza

"I found more than a sense of peace during this 2-hour walk; I uncovered more about myself than I could have imagined.  Book this experience today; your future self will thank you!!"

~ Sarah

"A wonderful experience from start to finish.  David guided us on a beautiful hike with special focus on self-awareness and reflection, focusing on natural beauty around us through all our senses, and finished off with a refreshing tea ceremony.  I learned a great deal about myself and my surroundings in this experience.  I was re-energized and refreshed after the activity.  I highly recommend!"

~ Benjamin

"David, wanted to thank you again for the really wonderful experience hosting our Board for a walk on Friday. We reflected a lot on how much we truly enjoyed it - and we can be a tough crowd!! Appreciated your science facts + no b.s. approach, as well as really great prompts. Even the small things like calling the prompts "invitations" went a long way."

~ Emily, BrainJolt Media

“Loved the course and the instructor. It was one of the most powerful experiences I've had outdoors! Would definitely do it again!”

~ Participant, Minnetonka Community Education

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