Forest Bathing Provocations

I've always been curious.

I love surrounding myself with experiences, influences, and inspiration that makes me think.
To that end, I offer you provocations that have positively affected me in forest bathing and beyond,
in hopes you might find some revelations of your own.

I read quite a bit.  I'm always trying to expand my mind with something new, fiction or non-fiction. 
Here is a list of books that I've found fascinating and useful.


Music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. 
I need music - for inspiration, relaxation, fun, and focus.
Here are some artists and albums that resonate with me.


I try to keep an updated list of news articles and links that relate to my pursuits.  

Perhaps there might be a link below that is helpful in your endeavours.

Photo by Robert Reyes on Unsplash.jpg