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I've always been curious.

I love surrounding myself with experiences, influences, and inspiration that makes me think.
To that end, I offer you provocations that have positively affected me in forest bathing and beyond,
in hopes you might find some revelations of your own.


Music shapes my life. I can find the right soundtrack for any mood.  I love the hunt, the creativity, and the meaning involved in shaping a soundscape. But most of all, I love sharing these discoveries with others! As such, I'm offering a little tidbit of musical inspiration for those who might be curious in hearing something new.  These are tracks I absolutely love, from all different genres.  If you find something you love too, add it to your library, as this list will be updated regularly.

Put those headphones on and go for a ride!

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Books of Note

I read quite a bit.  I'm always trying to expand my mind with something new, fiction or non-fiction. 
I agree with President Truman, who said:

“Not All Readers Are Leaders, but All Leaders Are Readers”

Here is a list of books that I've found fascinating and useful. Click on a cover!

This list will be updated as I add books to my shelves, so check back regularly.

An Immense World Book Cover
Braiding Sweetgrass book cover
Meditations book cover
Ryan Holiday Stoic Series Books
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