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Immerse Yourself in Nature

Experience the Benefits of Forest Bathing
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“Wilderness to the people of America is a spiritual necessity,
an antidote to the high pressure of modern life,
a means of regaining serenity and equilibrium.”
~ Sigurd Olson, 1946
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What is 
Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is the Japanese art of "Shinrin Yoku",

translated as: 'taking in the forest air with all the senses'.


Backed by rigorous scientific studies beginning in 1984, forest bathing is a gentle, immersive, intentional, and meditative walk through the forest that has been found to reduce stress, boost immune function, as well as increase focus and productivity. 

forest bathing bridge

Why do we need 
Forest Bathing?

Because Humanity needs Nature.


Let's face it, we're stressed.  Whether it is jobs, clients, kids, family, global pandemics... We weren't built for this.  We didn't evolve in cities - we evolved out there, in the forests and prairies, for hundreds of thousands of years.  Our brains and bodies are made to connect to nature, in fact, they crave it - this is called biophilia. Deep down we know nature is good for us, it's intuitive.  But for whatever reason, we tend to ignore our intuitions.


Our purpose at Motz Studios Forest Bathing Experiences is to re-introduce you to what your intuition already knows:

what mysteries lie in the transformative power of the forest. We invite you to join one of our forest bathing walks and find healing and joy, quiet your mind, soften your stresses, and to do this in partnership with the forest.

forest bathing path

What are your
Forest BathingWalks Like?

Our forest bathing walks are a professionally-guided experience inspired by Shinrin Yoku.  


During our forest bathing walks you will find yourself slowing down and leaving the tame world behind. 

You will experience invitations that enliven your senses, allowing you to connect deeply and personally with the forest.  We will wander for 2 or 3 hours and rarely travel far.  You may find yourself noticing things about the forest you never have before. You will find the serenity of nature heightens the pleasure of silence and stillness. 

Your sojourn with the woods may lead you back to yourself.

forest bathing wood rill sna

Who are your
Forest Bathing Walks For?

Our Forest Bathing walks are for everyone.

This experience allows you to tap into an intuitive and ancient practice of wellbeing that has inspired human beings for millennia - the transformative spirit of the forest.  We host forest bathing walks for individuals; private groups; team & organizational wellness; executive & staff retreats; schools, colleges, universities;

as well as church and spiritual groups.

Many of our clients have found deep and profound value in a team forest bathing experience.

Motz Studios also offers inspirational & educational keynote presentations.  These can be combined with a custom-tailored forest bathing walk geared towards your particular needs.

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