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What is 

Shinrin Yoku?

Shinrin Yoku is the Japanese art of "forest bathing", translated as: taking in the forest air with all the senses.


Backed by over 35 years of scientific studies, Shinrin Yoku is a gentle, immersive, and meditative walk through the forest that has been found to reduce stress, boost immune function, as well as increase focus and productivity. 

What are you

Walks Like?

Our walks are a guided experience inspired by Shinrin Yoku.  


During our forest walks you will slow down and enliven your senses, allowing yourself to connect deeply and personally with the forest. You will find the serenity of nature heightens the pleasure of silence and stillness.  Your sojourn with the woods may lead you back to yourself.

Why do we need 

Shinrin Yoku?

Because Humanity needs Nature.


For billions of years our species has existed within the embrace of the natural world.  Only since the Industrial Revolution - not even 300 years - have we been distinctly and exponentially separating ourselves from the natural world, and consequently, its benefits to us. People know, can feel deep down in their DNA, that we are missing a connection to something.  


Our purpose at Motz Studios is to invite healing and joy, quiet your mind, soften your stresses; and to do this in partnership with the forest.


This purpose -- reconnecting humanity + nature for the benefit of both -- is something we have been called to do.