Design Services

Motz Studios also offers clients four categories of design services:

Inspiration, Engagement, Strategy, and Concept Design. 
These services fuse biophilic patterns, design thinking, nature-based wellness, and 

philosophical inquiry into a unique consult for knowledgeable leaders.

Scroll down to explore each category.

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Motz Studios offers the following services to inspire you:  

Speaking / Keynote Addresses



Inspirational Retreats

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Motz Studios' approach to engagement is a distinctly different, truly collaborative, shared process. 

We believe in actively engaging the potential users of a design from the outset to help us shape the design.  We believe in using our talents to shepherd people through a process that doesn't leave just them on the sidelines to react.  Rather, we desire a pro-active audience who will take ownership in the design and ultimately advocate for it moving forward.

This process of creating a strong shared vision combines our talents as expert listeners, guides, and synthesizers of disparate pieces of information.

This process can help clients create a holistic vision for:

Cities and Towns        Civic agencies        City and Urban Planning

Neighborhoods        Churches        Schools / Colleges / Universities

Corporations        Institutions

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Motz Studios partners with knowledgeable leaders to strategize on how to:

  • Incorporate Shinrin Yoku therapy and biophilic design into their wellness programs or help shape a new, nature-focused wellness program.

  • Incorporate the benefits of "natural capital", biophilic design metrics, and ecosystem services into their business model.


Motz Studios brings you nearly 20 years of experience in all facets of landscape architecture. 
We help clients think through what a beneficial connection to nature might look like in built form. 
We do this via visionary Landscape Architectural design and Master Planning
for all environments.